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Since 2016, the Dreamhack Leipzig has been a festival high castle for eSports tournaments and Germany s largest LAN party. With his event program and an Expo with the latest hardware, software, accessories and merchandise, it attracted gamers from home and abroad. In 2020 alone, the event was able to record a number of 23,300 visitors, of which 2,000 players were on the LAN party. Like so many other events, the Dreamhack Leipzig could only take place online in 2021.

DreamHack - Germany’s biggest LAN party | Shift

Who is waiting to be able to experience the Dreamhack Leipzig live next year, unfortunately must be disappointed. According to a current press release of the Leipziger Fair, there will be no further edition of the gaming events in Germany in 2022. The reason for this is the termination of the contract by the Swedish license holder Dreamhack.

The pandemic edition Dreamhack Leipzig - Home Edition got much encouragement from the community, as the Leipziger Fair wrote after the event on their side. After this success even the planning for a Dreamhack Leipzig 2022 began, which should take place as usual again on the Leipziger Mass. An endence of the license agreement is a pity, after all, Dreamhack has already planned other gaming large events around the world.

In the press release, the Leipzig Fair thanks the Dreamhack Leipzig community, its exhibitors and partners and promises to fill their own halls soon with a gaming event.

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From Dina Manevich Author 07.10.2021 at 14:48